SIE Participates in CCTF Campaign for the Convoy Plan

2019-05-20   views:

On May 17, 2019, School of International Education (SIE) of Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University (GPNU), as recommended by the International Exchange and Cooperation Office of Guangdong Provincial Education Department, participated in the promotional campaign for The Convoy Plan of China Children and Teenagers’ Fund (CCTF) carried out in the Shimen Middle School, Nanhai District, Foshan. This campaign was themed with “Cultural Confidence and Talent Convoy”.

The activity was in forms of interview and interaction, focused on cultural confidence. The leaders in charge of the SIE and Guangdong Humanity and Social Science Popularization Base gave speeches starting with the cultural elements of Foshan’s Nanhai District, introducing Lingnan culture and its characteristics, Xiqiao Mountain (known as the ‘lighthouse of pearl river civilization’ and the origin of its reputation as the ‘famous mountain of neo-confucianism in south Guangdong.’ Combining with overseas study experience and years of experience in international dissemination of Lingnan culture, they interpreted the charm of culture and its role in intercultural communication through vivid cases, strengthening the middle school students’ cultural confidence and improving their international communication ability. The interview featured a lively atmosphere. Starting from some cultural elements around the middle school students, it brought them a strong sense of identity and intimacy and meanwhile made them feel the broad and profound culture and the importance of learning and understanding it deeply.

This campaign was organized by CCTF and Beijing Television Station, supported by Guangdong Provincial Education Department, the Foreign Affairs Office of Guangdong Provincial People’s Government and the Consular Protection  Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and fully recorded on film by Beijing Television Station.

Reportedly: with support from Guangdong Provincial Education Department, The Convoy Plan, a public welfare program jointly launched by CCTF and other relevant organizations was officially initiated in Guangdong on April 23. As a program helping talent development in the new era, the Plan is aimed to promote cultural confidence, escorting teenage students studying abroad and securing their growth and success through public welfare projects such as safety convoy, service convoy, culture convoy and talent convoy.

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