School of International Education Offered the Employment Training Course for International Graduates

2017-03-25   views:

      In order to play a supporting role in the transformation of GPNU to an application-oriented higher institution and improve the employment competitiveness of international students, School of International Education has specially offered the course of “Job Searching Strategies and Working for International Companies” to international graduates. The school specially invited professor Shabir Mohsin Hashmi from Jinan University to teach this course. Professor Hashmi had worked for five international enterprises, which equipped him with abundant practical experiences.


      The course is mainly divided into two modules, one of which aims at helping students to use the modern search engines, having knowledge of workplace dynamics, and offersing hold of employment information, while the other places importance on presenting contents of international corporate culture, recruitment procedures of international enterprises, requirements for post setting, and ability development of applicants on how to integrate into enterprises as soon as possible.

     The course has gained widespread popularity among international students and they were of high enthusiasm and initiative in learning.School of International Education plans to include the course into the cultivation scheme of international students from this year, and gradually transforms the work of international students’ cultivation to application-oriented cultivation.(School of International Education)





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