Notice of Applying 2018 GPNU Scholarship

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Dear International Students,

2018 GPNU International Students Scholarship is now open for application. Qualified students shall fill an application form and hand it to the Teaching Affairs Office (Room 1002, the First Teaching Building) no later than April 27, 2018. This scholarship only opened to the students who have not awarded the 2017 Guangdong Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship. For detailed information, please read GPNU Scholarship Assessment Criteria.




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GPNU Scholarship Assessment Criteria


I  Basic Requirements for GPNU Scholarship awards



(I)  Scholarship applicants should be international students who have been formally registered in GPNU for more than one year(included), and have not accepted any other scholarships from Chinese government last year. Applicants shall be either language-learning students or major learning students.


(II)  Scholarship applicants must exemplarily obey Chinese laws, as well as GPNUS rules and regulations. They should also actively participate in social welfare activities and social practices organized by GPNU.


(III) Applicants should be serious and hard working in learning, with a class attendance rate of no lower than 90% , and have passed all exams.


1. 因违反《中华人民共和国出入境管理法》而受到行政处罚者。

2. 因违反社会公德而造成不良影响者。

3. 严重违反校纪校规者。

(IV) Scholarship application will be denied for any of the following reasons:

1.  Violation against Exit and Entry Administration Law of the Peoples Republic of China and subjected to administrative penalties.

2.  Violation against social ethics and caused negative effects 

3.  Severe violation against GPNU rules and regulations.


二、 奖学金奖项和奖金

II  Scholarship Type and Amount


1. 优秀学历生一等奖学金: 奖励人民币1500/年。

2. 优秀学历生二等奖学金: 奖励人民币1200/年。

3. 优秀学历生三等奖学金: 奖励人民币1000/年。

(I)Scholarship for outstanding international students studying major program:

1.First prize scholarship:  RMB1500/year.

2.Second prize scholarship:  RMB1200/year.

3.Third prize scholarship:  RMB1000/year.


1. 优秀语言生一等奖学金: 奖励人民币1200/年。

2. 优秀语言生二等奖学金: 奖励人民币1000/年。

3. 优秀语言生三等奖学金: 奖励人民币800/年。

(II) Scholarship for outstanding international students taking Chinese language program:

1.First prize scholarship:  RMB 1200/year.

2.Second prize scholarship:  RMB 1000/year.

3.Third prize scholarship:  RMB800/year.






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